Welcome to Sladeweld....

So itís a special unique sculpture your after? Handcrafted out of scrap metal? Maybe even made to your own specification? Imagine that, how cool would that be? If you answered correctly with "very cool" please look no further.

If its a bespoke, one off metal sculpture, handcrafted, possibly even to your own specification, I promise you this site is exactly what you were looking for.

Along with exhibiting my handywork at Art & craft shows, i've decided to give my metal offspring the best chance possible of finding new homes by displaying my wares here, on the world wide web. On the creations pages you will see a brief selection of my craft, some of which is available straight away should they take your fancy and some that have already found new homes but will still hopefully catch your interest and show you what I'm all about.

The special service Iím hoping to offer you is as follows. Picture the scene. You have looked, searched, scoured high and low for a stylish metal sculpture of.... for instance.. a tennis player? couldnít find one could you? Well, hereís where I come in!

Get in touch with me on the 'CONTACT & RATES' page, we'll converse and hey presto the wheels are put into motion! Interested? Intrigued? I truly hope so.

My work is available for sale at the below establishments.

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